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This is the crème de la crème. It's self-actualization and lifestyle design for the awakening woman on the path of deeper personal power. 



My work helps women to fully embody their power in a world that tells them they are simultaneously too much and not enough.

A reading brings truth & clarity, awareness & healing. Get to the center of your reality, shed light onto the unknown, and bring answers to the foreground. 

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• VITA™ certified Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach
• VITA™ certified Women's Empowerment Coach 
• Brené Brown BRAVE LEADER

Angeline's expertise is in Personal Power, Boundaries, Identities, and Emotional Intelligence. 
Her work has roots in ancient Tantric traditions and cutting-edge neuroscience. She's also a trained Master Clairvoyant Reader & Healer.
Her mission is to help women break out of struggle & self-sabotage, so they can accelerate their divine “remembering” and step into full sovereignty.

My name is Angeline.


You are in the right place if...

You have a habit of doubting yourself

You don't speak up for yourself

You're exhausted trying to please others

The voice in your head is mean and judgmental towards you

"My marriage is a lot stronger now because I'm able to communicate more openly, fully, and authentically. Our intimacy has improved and grown as well. In the rest of my life, I've slowed way down when, before, I was terrified to do so. I'm accomplishing more of my dreams by taking imperfect action and not getting stuck in the overthinking phase. I'm choosing to speak up and show up for myself, and instead of being the chameleon I was, I'm growing out of my shell and being myself in social situations, not conforming to the group's dynamic for the sake of fitting in. I've also made more genuine connections with other women, friendships I can see lasting a lifetime."

Michelle K. | Arizona, USA

"Angeline identified and explained things for me in a way that I hadn’t been able to put into words for myself yet. I felt very comfortable and safe in her reading. She was kind and confident in how she was explaining the things she was seeing. 
I truly felt what she was working on. There were areas of my body that needed attention and the sensations of the healing were strong. She pointed out things that I can do to move past some of the issues that are currently present in my life. 
I highly recommend Angeline! She is powerful and accurate and confident! It was truly such a great experience! Thank you!!"

Kate petts | Ontario, CA

"Angeline is a powerhouse. She's equally fierce and compassionate. Her intuition is always on point during our sessions, and she's laser focused, giving me her utmost professional full attention. I really feel that she has my best interest at heart! She has helped me tremendously release old fears and be more empowered and confident."

Marie Zolecki | Colorado, USA

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Angeline's mission is to help women break out of struggle & self-sabotage, so they can accelerate their divine “remembering” and step into full sovereignty.